Songs on Sunday: Matilda the Musical

I'm a huge fan of Tim Minchin and his bawdy, irreverent, hilarious songs. I also love his ballad White Wine in the Sun, a beautiful ode to his daughter.  Much to my delight, a few years ago he wrote the music and lyrics to Matilda The Musical. The songs are brilliant and I listened to them over and over the weeks after I discovered them. There is a great video of Tim and the four original Matildas singing "Naughty".  My favorite video of the "When I Grow Up" is a live version that really showcases the staging of the show. The song I'm sharing with you today may be the best of all. It's called "Quiet" and the first time I heard it, I literally swooned. If you feel like a deep dive, check out all the links, and if you only have a few minutes to get your mind blown, watch below.