Fiona Apple pens letter to fans about her dying dog

Fiona Apple posted a written letter on Facebook explaining to fans why she felt compelled to cancel her upcoming tour and care for her sick dog instead.

I just can't leave her now, please understand.
If I go away again, I’m afraid she'll die and I won't have the honor of singing her to sleep, of escorting her out.
Sometimes it takes me 20 minutes to pick which socks to wear to bed.
But this decision is instant.
These are the choices we make, which define us.
I will not be the woman who puts her career ahead of love and friendship.
I am the woman who stays home and bakes Tilapia for my dearest, oldest friend.

Yeah. You'll be blubbering by the end of this. Sniff sniff. Now go and read Sarah Silverman's obituary of her dog, Duck, and cry some more.