Becoming the caregiver for a terrible parent

I heard this story years ago and it is something I've incorporated into my own life.  It's about a brother and sister who cleverly invent a family to babysit for just to get away from their overbearing mother. At the end of the story, the daughter has become her dying mother's caregiver. She explains why she takes care of someone who treated her so badly.

One time when I was 35, I lashed out at her in such a way and told her how I felt about her. And she said in a chair in the kitchen and she was crying. And I had never even seen her cry before. And when I finally stopped talking, she said, I did the very best I could. And I thought, oh my god, she did. Her best was so bad. Her best was so empty. But she couldn't do any better, I decided, and it helps me a lot, I have a great aunt that I just adored. And her mother, my mother's mother who was wonderful. and my great grandmother, who I didn't know but who adored my mother, my mother slept in bed with her. I thought, I am going to do this for the people that loved her. You know? All of the people that really loved this little girl. I'm going to do it for them. And that feels fine to me.

Isn't that beautiful? Carol has a beautiful voice and expresses so much emotion while saying the words above. Her best was so bad. Amazing.