White Eagle Memorial Preserve Cemetery

I was lucky enough to visit White Eagle last year on Memorial Day.  They invited everyone to celebrate the holiday with them and asked my dear friend Nancy Ward to give a presentation entitled "Yes, it's true, die we do." My friend and I drove up in the morning and arrived around 2pm. We checked out the lodge (it's gorgeous) and visited with the horses. Then we moseyed around the grounds and found our camping spot in a lovely meadow. We hauled all of our gear on a little trailer from the parking area to the meadow.

Later on, everyone went up the hill to the cemetery and had a lovely potluck dinner. Then we headed off to explore the  land preserve. It was so lovely. We even saw a grave being prepared for a new burial. They actually gather branches, moss, and flowers to make a soft bed for the body to rest on. It was beautiful. At dusk, we walked back to the lodge and sat around a fire pit enjoying Nancy's talk and each other's company.  Finally it was time to hit the sack.

Our tent was practically a hotel room. My friend brought inflatable mattresses, large quilts, two coolers packed with food and of course, a bottle of booze. After giggling ourselves to sleep, we woke to the sound of snuffling around our tent in the middle of the night. We panicked. A wolf?  A cougar? AN AXE MURDERER??? It was the horses, obviously. We giggled some more and fell back to sleep.

If you ever get a chance to visit White Eagle, take it.  I'll meet you there.