The Dead Dad Club- one woman's story

This is a really beautiful account by Erika Price.  She writes about the complicated relationship she had with her father. One that remained complicated after his death.

The Club has burdens. You can’t bring it up, if you’re young; people get far too uncomfortable and sad for you. If circumstances force you to tell someone about the death, you must immediately be reassuring about just how fine and over it you are.

Erika makes a good point. It's a common response to the unknown.  It reminds me of the movie St. Vincent I wrote about and his response to "I'm sorry for your loss".  I've been working around grief and death for some time now, and I still struggle with these words. What else can you say? "That sucks" is rarely considered an appropriate response but if you think about it...having a dead dad does suck. At least it's honest.  Honesty has its benefits.