There are only two certainties in life. We are born. We die. Those are the two experiences every human being shares. When you think about it, they really aren't that different. Both involve a transition between the known and unknown. Both are natural processes that happen without much say on our part. Both involve a literal or figurative "light at the end of the tunnel". While we can't stop the end from coming, we can choose how to meet it. We can learn about death from spiritual counselors, scientists, and individuals with near-death experiences. We can talk to our friends and family about their experiences with death.  We can acknowledge the reality of our bodies breaking down. On this page, I'll share accounts of people who are dying and by close observers of death. I'll post explanations about what happens to our bodies before, during and after death.  I'll tell you how others decide where and how they want to be laid to rest and the many emerging options for doing so.