I struggled with naming this page for a long time. "Pet loss" didn't seem right. They are so much more than pets, aren't they?  "Animal companions" didn't feel right, either. It's too clinical and doesn't capture the pure joy they bring into our lives. I considered "fur babies" but that makes me gag for some reason. I finally settled on "four-legged friends." Friends because, well, they're our friends. Otherwise why would we grieve so intensely when they run away?  On our wedding day?  Oh, that's a story for another page. They are more than roommates , closer  to us than companions and...let's face it...they're better than babies. OK fine. Not better. Just different. Babies grow up and eventually leave you. Our four-legged friends?  Never. They'll be right beside you all the way. It's true, four legs only covers dogs, cats, bunnies, rats, mice, guinea pigs, ferrets, lizards, turtles, goats, pigs, cows and horses. But let's say it extendes to birds, snakes, and fish. And any other creatures that I can't think of right now. I'll post all things  animal on this page. Sad stories like the dogs who won't leave their human's burial site. Happy stories like goats helping blind horses get around. Funny stories like turtles chasing cats out of their beds. I'll post articles about how mourning animals and humans is markedly different. I'll tell you about how other people cope when their friend dies. I will never, ever post an image of an injured animal, nor will I include any stories about abuse. You'll never have to worry about clicking on a link and getting a face full of horror. Did you know there is an entire website that can tell you if the dog in a movie dies? It's called Does the Dog Die? I visit this website a lot. This page is where I share the good stuff. I further promise not to post a zillion pictures of my own dogs. I do that on a different page. You've been warned.